6 thoughts on “I’m A Little Bit Cranky Today. Act Surprised.”

    1. Pretty simple. Early in the morning, ordered a fruit basket as a sympathy gift for someone in another state. I wanted same day delivery and I made sure to have that verified multiple times during the phone call before I finalized the order. This was my main criteria for selecting a business for the gift basket – same day delivery. and I was willing to spend almost twice as much as my original intention to have that.

      This company waited almost 6 hours to cancel my order and offer me “a few more pieces of fruit” in a basket that would be delivered in two additional days. When I called customer service about the cancellation, they said they didn’t have the product (fruit) in stock and the supplier would deliver it in two days. This happened after all other services no longer offered same day delivery so they really screwed me up. The promises they made to me before I ordered were based on nothing but trying to secure an order and then after the cancellation, expecting me to eat the shit they were serving me.

      So I cancelled the order

      Ever since then , they have been after me with boiler-plate apologies, small discount offers on future business and hopes for a continued relationship. Note how in this email, they’re doing me a big damn favor of “satisfying” me by returning my own money after they provided no service. I am taking every opportunity to let them know that because of their initial lie, I don’t believe anything they say now and they do not get a second chance with me.

      Like I said, cranky.

  1. IMHO, totally justified in your crankiness. It’s a jerk move for a business -especially someone like a florist – to offer same day shipping and then, after taking the order, go “Whoops, nope, can’t do that” when it’s too late for the customer to easily make alternative plans.

    I HATE how some businesses get super-needy and e-mail-bomb me with messages. There are a few businesses that are on my blacklist thanks to that.

  2. That’s right. I have no doubt it was a purposeful tactic. I can understand who things happen and circumstances might conspire to make the service unavailable, but don’t give me those cold empty words of apology. This is what happened to me earileir this year when the IT department lost all of my files and email archives during an upgrade to Windows7. All of them. They were sorry they said to me. I was and remain infuriated.

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