I Tried To Deny My Gift

Ok, look. I’ve been a little depressed about the whole Hillary situation.

Why is she acting so dumb and ruining her own chances to be a presidential candidate in the next go-round? It’s almost like it’s purposeful and she really doesn’t want to do it. Or that she knows she is unfit* and does not want her lack to get onto the historic record of her public career? I was really looking forward to getting back into analysis of the political messages contained in her wardrobe as she moved herself back into he national spotlight. But the way things were going – the stupid dead broke comment, the bad reviews of the latest book, the connecting the dots of her performance as SoS and the resulting disaster in the Mideast -it just looked like none of us were going to have the pleasure of having her as the candidate.

It was too sad to bear. Never mind the subtle-to-wicked progression of calculated swipes at the Obmamas – we were also to be denied Grandma Hillary trotting out Chelsea’s offspring. No play dates -yea, no betrothal! – with her grandchild and her godchild, no clever references to her status as loyal but  publicly wronged wife, no ChelseaCare which would be some rehashed thing related to maternal health and would wipe the goddam Obama right out of ObamaCare. What a world that would have been.

And then …. just as I was losing my last hope … she comes along and does this:

Chelsea Clinton Graduates From Oxford University, Britain - 10 May 2014
BOOM bah BOOM bah BOOM bah BOOM bah BOOM

Here she is dressed in a full length leather coat , coincidentally the color of a tank, IN AUGUST as she practically plows forward. Look at the strained cords of her instep and tell me that’s not a firm purposeful stride meant to strike fear into the hearts of those one the sidelines and to propel her forward towards an endpoint of her own choosing. Hillary, you magnificent bastard. Even with your brain damage, all the tanks in Patton’s army put together were  not as fearsome as you are now.

She is the master of keeping people off balance. I can see now that her present strategy is “a little bit of this/a little bit of that”. In the same week that she criticized Obama for his Mideast mess – a mess that so obviously reveals the heavy hand of Hillary herself stirring up the couscous but let’s not mention that – she gets all dolled up and goes out to strut her stuff in this get up:

yoiky ploiky!

The internet is positively creaking under the load of the many remarks that have been made  about this event, mostly centering on that muu muu or the brazen flaunting of her cankles, and people – this is exactly why you need me to get back in the game. The guys might not have landed on it but every lady who sees this image zeros in on the main message and that is that she’s not going to run. Evidence? No bra.

Going out in public with no bra is a very clear indicator of a woman’s state of mind. You don’t see  nancy Pelosi running around without a bra. Running around, yes. Running around without a bra, no. And you’re not going to catch World Famous Fashion Icon And Busy Mom Michelle Obama™ as God made her (= no falsies), either.  But here Hillary is telling us that she doesn’t care and she  is giving up.

But is she really? Look at that frock again. She’s wearing owning! a frock which is assumed to be of Hawaiian origin (message: Aloha to your legacy, Barry, once I take over.)  Now look again. The neckline trim is not muumuu-ish at all. In fact, it’s quite galabeya- like (message: Not to worry, habibis. Jiddah’s got your back.)

Oh gawd, isn’t she wonderful? She’s running, she’s not running, she’s bullying, she’s reassuring – all in one modest garment. And she’s doing it without make up, coiffure or accessories!

* Assignment: Discuss in what ways Hillary Rodham Clinton is unfit for the Presidency of the United States.

7 thoughts on “I Tried To Deny My Gift”

  1. Don’t worry! If she doesn’t run word has it that Pochahontas Warren is going to take her place! Your gift will not go unused!!! Has anybody else noticed that since Elizabeth has come on the scene that she is slowly “going butch”??? What’s up with that?

  2. re. assignment:
    It would be easier the other way. She is unfit to be in public office in any way.
    I think she’s prepping us to have low expectations.

    1. Her entire career has been preparation for low expectations. Mine can’t get any lower. At this point, I expect nothing but incompetence, greed, lies, politico-babble and tea-party bashing. I’m never disappointed. 🙂

  3. Please don’t EVER deny your gift. Your impressions are wonderful and snarky and funny. Your take on Mooch’s Cooch problems a few years ago is still an Interwebz classic. And yes, we DO need you to get back in the game.

    As to Hills, I am ashamed to say I did not notice the absence of a bra. But in my defense, Hillary is much like Michelle in that department and there is not much there that needs support.

    Why is Hillary unfit? Oh dear. So much to choose from. Can we just start with the fact that the sound of her voice (and cackle) and the sight of her cankles every day would drive people to suicide? Then we can move on to her shady financial dealings, close Muslim Brotherhood ties, and trail of death that follows her.

  4. About the dress–if she would have left the sides untied, I think it would have flowed better. Back to your assignment, now: She had the perfect chance to prove her grit and determination as SoS. There is not one person that can name an accomplishment. If she can’t take care of one department, how can she oversee ALL of them?

  5. Hillary will not run, she can’t, her health is poor, and her finances can’t handle being held under a microscope. Bill is probably heartbroken.

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