9 thoughts on “No Survivors”

  1. Mayo website – 81 to 325 mg recommended.
    I say if you don’t have a bleeding disorder and have normal RBC indices, take the cheaper full dose size pill.

  2. I actually almost died from bleeding out. I can guarantee you, it’s not pleasant. However, I’m sure “clotting out” is either.
    Well, that wasn’t much help, was it?

  3. I almost clotted out. I don’t think that either option is good. I expect that clotting hurts more, but is faster, but I suppose the levels of pain depend on what caused you to start bleeding. I can tell you that clots are, 100% painful. It’s a tough choice, which is worse.

  4. At least the full size aspirin would help tone down the daily headache from reading the news. I call that a win/win.

  5. I cut a 325mg cheapo in half (I know it doesn’t have the line on it but I do it anyway). I’ve always been a compromiser.

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