Not A Problem

While America turns its attention to beaches and cool mountain resorts, the flu fighters that walk among us prepare. Just in case you’re planning an adventure to the mid-East, here’s a tip, courtesy of the CDC:

not a problem, bro

5 thoughts on “Not A Problem”

  1. More evidence that the Federal Gummint considers the American Sheeple (most a sad intellectual product of Gummint schools) are so stupid as to need to be told not to drink camel urine. Since they don’t list camel feces, I suppose some moron will contract a severe case of MERS from this omission.

    One would think “Avoid camels and all camel products” would be sufficient, but that assumes one can think.

  2. Since when did the WHO become so insensitive to camelophages, who have a right to maintain their cultural practices. Another example of Western prejudices running amok over native cultures.

  3. What’s going on with camels? There was no such recommendation of contact with camels when I went to Egypt numerous times in the ’80s. The other two are no-brainers. I only drank Stella, brushed teeth with it, too, as I knew the water would make me sick.

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