I Make My Own Problems

There are some products that I think will last forever. I mean, I know intellectually that they won’t – I just buy them and then assume they will maintain their “brand new” state forever.

One of these items is a kitchen sponge. I can’t tell you how many times I will be rubbing the shredded remnants of sponge around the walls of the kitchen sink thinking about how lousy my life is because I have to use a miserable sponge like this. Meanwhile, there are 11 new ones in an open package under the sink.

The other item is  an emery board. Do they still call them that, now that they are long and fat and have fancy graphics on them? I have one that almost bald that I keep next to my reading chair in the parlor. this is not my maintenance file  – it’s just for quick touch ups. All of the edges are bald but if you maneuver your hand in a  certain way, well let’s face it I’ve been doing this so long that there’s no grit left there either but if you’re properly motivated, you can make things smoother by friction alone. I’ve got a great nail file upstairs next to my work computer. It was meant for artificial nails and the grit is so big on one side you could use to get rid of rust on the patio furniture. This one, although it has served me for yeeears already, is elusive and lives awash in a sea of post-it notes and small tablets. So it not always readily available to me, lest I risk losing an important scribble in the hunt for it. So its back downstairs for the bald board that should have been ditched a long long time ago.

Anyway, random junk ejection today and a bit of steam cleaning the den carpeting that the dog has recently claimed for his own, if you know what I mean.


One thought on “I Make My Own Problems

  1. I do the exact same things. I thought I was the only one. In fact a couple of weeks ago I made myself invest in a new emery board which managed to wiggle out of the bag and apparently was left in the cart. In any case it never made it to the car.
    I don’t have a new sponge though. I keep spraying the old one with bleach. Horrid. Next tine I go to the store, I will buy at least one of each. Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone.

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