Dimbo Eruption

As glad as I am to see Hillary Rodham Clinton back in the intense glare of the spotlight, I just could not watch the tongue bath ABC gave her last night. The dimbos and the lowfos and even the homegrown baby “feminists” that populate the internet these days will continue to swallow it all hook line and sinker without question.

What I’m really afraid of is that she is going to ruin it all much too soon. Cut it out with the goofy faces, Hilz. Maybe she”s trying to prove she’s not botoxed by all of those facial contortions she goes through. Lord knows that will be a welcome change, but she sure has something going on there.

Question: is this hair or is excess skin pulled tight?

an old fashioned girl with an old fashioned face lift

an old fashioned girl with an old fashioned face lift

It’s hard to believe that her colorist would leave undyed hair strands in so obvious a place. maybe they were going for that distinguished touch of grey at the temples look? What then is that swipe of pure brown going on right above the questionable patch? It appears to be an exact match to the roots on her forehead. Someone has obviously been working her over.

I think she’s had a(nother) good old fashioned face lift. And it’s artfully done, too. A little eye bag, some forehead furrows and a bit of  jowl and wattle make the overall effect its remarkably natural. In the end,  this is just a sloppy hair clip-in arrangement. Get it together, Hillary. 2016 is a long time away to be subjecting your audiences to such amateurish mistakes.

Overall, I think we can safely conclude that high definition tv is harsh mistress.

ADDENDUM: I do believe Hillary has a little lady-pattern baldness going on here as well.


we’ll leave the topic of where her real eyebrows start and end for another time

Maybe that root touch-up maneuver is to emphasize her faint widow’s peak . OR MAYBE IT’S TO HIDE THE HAIR PLUGS. And the smudge, the artful smudge to give the illusion of hair where there is none. Her hairdresser is in trouble but her make-up guy is a genius.

Although I feel it is my duty to point out the HillaryCraft that goes on, I am not entirely displeased with the overall effect. In a world where the current First Lady/World Famous Fashion Icon/Busy Mom/Nutrition Expert aspires to be Beyonce, a mature woman who channels Helen Mirren might be just the kind of comforting female leader the country has been yearning for.




5 thoughts on “Dimbo Eruption

  1. I pulled my face back next to my ears and it didn’t cause any ripples of skin storage where Hillary’s are. So it’s possible that it’s just airbrushing run amok? I know in her MSM interviews they have the full “Baba Wawa” filter on her…….like someone smeared my tv with vaseline 😉

  2. I, for one, am delighted to see that the old girl is going to make a run for it. And I believe in her; I just KNOW she’s got loads of material to keep us amused. We’ve already had WalkerGate, and now you’ve exposed Nip/Tuck…oh! and there’s the recently uncovered hardships the plucky couple suffered on leaving the White House and having to pinch pennies over mortgages and college tuition for little Chelsea…JUST LIKE REAL FOLKS.

    I’m giddy with anticipation and will be checking in here daily as you, dear Suzette, are the very best at unearthing Hillary’s buried treasures. What, pray tell, will be next?

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