” … although there can be some laziness.”

If Today is Your Birthday: May 29:

“The period ahead is one of new beginnings as you begin a new “chapter” in your life story.”

I’ve already lived through the chapter where I grow a chin hair so I can’t wait to see what comes next.

I am feeling much better today. I credit three things for this:

  1. the comment love you gave me
  2. the stupid sappy and yet effective Positive Affirmation App I installed on my phone
  3. the birthday-gift lemon tree that came from California

unnamed (1)

I have been yapping about living in a place where I could have my own lemon tree for quite a while. Who knew that it would be in New Jersey?


UPDATE: I am cancelling the Positive Affirmation App I installed because I have something better. When I was doing my business expenses for the month, I came across the name tag I wore at a meeting earlier in the month. What better positive affirmation could there be than having someone put a sign on you that labels you as a winner?


This photo was taken at the meeting in mid-May, not today. i don’t usually sit around the house in pearls. Usually.


12 thoughts on “” … although there can be some laziness.”

  1. There you go. When life sends you lemon trees, you grow lemons and make lemonade…..although that sure seems like a lot of work to be happy.

    I prefer alcohol.

  2. Happy happy birthday! Doesn’t a gift always help to lift depression? Why don’t you go shopping as well? I find that even a Target or Walmart run, where I spend money on stuff I don’t totally need (preferably kitchen items for me), can lift even the foulest mood.

  3. Happy Birthday! Now you get to spend hours/days finding the perfect place to put your new lemon tree! Have a great day, you never fail to enlighten me 🙂

  4. Where you plant the lemon tree, have Sami dig the hole and dress the little circular trench once it’s happily nestled in its new home. Then look him square in the eye and say slowly and firmly “repeat after me: this is NOT a weed”.

  5. Happy birthday! (It’s also my step-daughter’s birthday, not that that should mean anything to you).

    Having come from southern California and moving to the northern climes of Washington State, I have been pining for lemon and lime trees. Please share how you plan to keep your lemon tree alive. Indoors in winter? I might have to break down and give it a try – brown thumb and all.

  6. P.S. – be grateful it is only one chin hair. On a positive note, as my eyesight ages, I notice my chin hairs less.

  7. So glad you are feeling better. Happy, happy birthday to one of my favorite bloggers. Chin hair? I had so much that I had to have it lasered off. Unfortunately, there are more moving in. I may have to do it again. There, don’t you feel better now? HA!

  8. Happy Birthday to you. If I knew you a little better I’d send you a mumu. My new summer version is hot pink and jungle green. I have started being very obvious about my decline.
    My family is NOT amused.

  9. Happy, happy day. Hopefully there are lots more so you can keep us entertained. I lived in NJ many, many moons ago and I have my doubts about a lemon tree surviving there. Sorry to be a party pooper. Maybe a large tub and grow inside in a sunny place. And you will have to hand inseminate to hopefully get lemons. That should keep you busy.

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