Not Exact But Close Enough

Ladies and Gentlemen, what you see before you is the product of four hours work. Four non-consecutive hours. Four hours spread out over six days.


But whatever. I got it done.

I feel very accomplished because I got this little flower bed done. Even though at the end of each gardening session I found it necessary to take a shower, two Aleve and a nap.

The bird is the former resident of my favorite birdbath – the one that got smashed by a fallen tree during one of the many hurricanes. I always thought it was made out of concrete but it turns out to be heavy but hollow plastic. The bird only has one good side now and even then you have to forcibly turn your eyes away from the crack along the top of its one good wing. But it’s the right size and shape for that spot and the casual passerby would never know the extent of its damage. Plus I like the idea of giving it a second life.

It’s a bit worrisome to me that my two new Bela Lugosi day lilies are turning yellow at the tips, but it is heartening that the original one, the victim of Sami’s helpful weeding, is making a comeback. I found a worm and threw it in there before I mulched to take advantage of the beneficial microbes in the FlowerTone fertilizer I sprinkled around the plants. But when I saw those yellow tips, I went into full bore Suburban Chemical Gardener mode and drenched them all worm included  with a good soaking shower of Miracle Grow.

hrcAlso, I would like to know how Hillary Clinton can march in a local Memorial Day Parade? She looks older than me, she is older than me and she has some kind of brain something that took her 6 months to get over, according to her husband. And she marched in pointy high heels, it looks like. How is this possible? this article does say that she took part in the New Castle Memorial Day parade without much fanfare and without her typical entourage” so maybe she just slipped away from her minders and walked down off the front porch to walk along.

I’m a little worried about her. You should be too. It was 86 degrees around these parts today and HRC went for an impromptu stroll wearing a long sleeved jacket and a scarf.




5 thoughts on “Not Exact But Close Enough

  1. …wearing a long sleeved jacket and a scarf.

    And woefully inadequate foundation garments. What a fright THAT must be dragging ass out the shower. Shudders.

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