Hello I’m Nobody

I’m nobody’s wife. Sami is gone to Florida to assist his ailing sister. He’ll be gone 10 days total, including the holiday and my birthday. Today is only Day 5. Living single sucks.

I’m nobody’s mother. Both of my children are grown and gone to live in other places. I thought I was pretty good as a mother but one of them rushes me off the hone with a promise to call back later, which never happens, and the other one ignores all of my attempts at contact in any form and doesn’t even pretend that she didn’t see it or hear it.

I’m nobody’s friend. I have two life long friends that I would have described as  BFFs a short time ago but that only works if I am listening to them. If something is happening to me, the most I can expect is a perfunctory comment of casual interest and that interest fades pretty goddamn quickly.

And you know, I’m not doing that well. I have a knee thing, and a heart thing, and a dental thing, and a boob thing and a few assorted other things. The way things are going, I really can’t see the point of getting any of them fixed.

Adding to my list of Things I  Can’t Do Anymore is gift giving. I used to have the knack of picking out just the right thoughtful and surprising thing to give to people. Now they politely accept what I give, declare it “nice” and  express thanks exactly like this: ” thank you” and then that’s the last time the item is ever mentioned, let alone seen.

Sorry to be a downer, but I am pretty sad about the way I’m living now.


5 thoughts on “Hello I’m Nobody”

  1. Ouch. That right there is a severe case of the blues. Sucks getting older, doesn’t it? It’s certainly not for sissies. I have days like that, too, where the future looks like nothing but downhill. I have no advice to offer, as I am in a similar boat. I do wish we could discuss over a cocktail (or two) though.

    Some swear by exercise to elevate mood, but I wouldn’t know about that, and you probably know more about it than I do anyway.

    I can definitely sympathize, too, about the “friends.” I have one girlfriend from high school (about a thousand years ago) who can only handle a discussion about my issues for about 90 seconds. Seriously. I’ve called her on it from time to time – “But enough about you, let’s talk about me”, but it never does any good.

    Anyway, if misery loves company you have some company. Hope things look up soon. Call hubby and make him talk to you for a while.

  2. Oh no! I wish I were there to take you out to lunch, a spa day, etc., and remind you how fabulous you really are. You entertain me royally, constantly and generously, especially when I consider that we have never met.

    Of course you are sad with your dear husband unit tending to his sister like the good and dear brother he is. Sami is missing you too, of that I feel sure… The whole point of raising children is to make them independent and it appears that you have truly succeeded with that goal, perhaps even too well.

    I do hope your spirits revive, dear Suzette, and you feel better about your life in the morning. Perhaps the front stoop will cheer you?

    With great affection from your admiring virtual friend out here in the (Connecticut) ether.

    G xoxox

    Sent from my iPad

  3. Sad for you here in Wyoming. I’ve been there and no doubt will be again. I hope you find a way to be happy soon.
    Getting old sucks.
    I get the sense that you are naturally upbeat, so I hope your real nature triumphs.

  4. I am very sorry to hear this. I feel like I should bake you a cake, or send a box full of heroin or something. Hoping that Sami returns, that your friends pull their heads out, that your children do the same, and that you find a way through this patch. Or at least hold position until one of the above happens.

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