This Makes Me Miss Walter Mercado

For as much junk TV as I have consumed in my lifetime, I do have my standards. I am proud to say that I have never watched a single episode of Survivor, American Idol, The Bachelor, The Voice or any other elimination/competition show. Oh, I’ve seen the clips of Susan Boyle’s break out appearance and I track all versions of  Total Eclipse of the Heart on YouTube so I’m not entirely out of the loop.

And it was in fact my scholarly research of  TEOTH that brought me The Voice Philippines edition and this remarkable clip:

I. Do. Not. Know. But I will tell you if that is typical for  The Voice Phillipines, then i am an instant and committed fan.

I also don’t know who that one in the cape is but I can tell you that he looks lot like several evening shift nurses I have worked with, especially the faces and body language in reaction to something he doesn’t like.

9 thoughts on “This Makes Me Miss Walter Mercado”

  1. Love Lea Salonga from Miss Saigon. But, what was that creature in the cape? And what was that presentation about? I think I’m too old for this. Cue the meteor.

      1. Can you explain it to me? They look like they were fighting over the caped creature.

  2. Having just spent three weeks in the Philippines I can say with certainty that the Filipino people LOVE to sing and perform. At the resort we stayed out, the highlight of the week was our going away party because the karaoke machine came out. It is a good thing none of us tourists wanted to get up and sing because the resort staff had the time of their lives entertaining us and all of them were good!
    In Southeast Asia the person in the cape is known as a Priscilla. There are lots of them there. They have pageants just like Miss America. We attended one inadvertently in Fiji a few years ago….great fun, but kind of disconcerting.

    1. Now, see. I should have known that one of Suzette’s readers could give us a clue. Priscilla? Well, I’ve learned a new term. Now just waiting for the opportunity to use it in a sentence. LOL

  3. Well, he(?) certainly has lovely, feminine hands. I could only wish for such nice hands. I think I will continue to stay out of hospitals if that is what will be caring for me in the evenings. After visiting hours are over. After the doctors have gone home. While the orderlies are busy watching the ball game.

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