Who Even Knows?

We celebrated Cinco de Mayo with take out from Taco Bell. Although we were deliberative and careful in our ordering, who even knows what that was? All I ever want is cheese enchiladas and we ordered something called “rollers” – who even knows what that was? Which I guess befits a made up holiday that who even knows about?


2 thoughts on “Who Even Knows?

  1. I had an aunt that lived in Brownsville for years.

    She helped her husband run his shrimp boat fleet, so she hired help for the housework.

    I forget the woman’s name, but she crossed the border each morning, arrived at work and became a part of the family. They loved her and she loved them back.

    She had many recipes, and one was enchiladas, which my aunt passed on to my mother.

    How can I describe them? Wonderful. There is no restaurant in the world that can make a dish as good.

  2. Not sure why people don’t just order from Taco Bell by throwing darts. There are only 4 ingredients: meat, cheese, lettuce and salsa. They just combine them in various ways according to instructions from the marketing department, then wrap them in a soft or hard piece of dough and sell you a soda to go with it. (Which, by the way, is the majority of the profit margin.)

    Don’t get me wrong, I have been known to eat a dozen of the hard tacos at one sitting.

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