Getting Ready

Cinco de Mayo is shaping up to be a big day for my stoopscape, the decor theme of which is Happy Hour In A Mexican Restaurant On Second Avenue in NYC.


In the 7 brief minutes of sunshine we had so far today, I planted two more pots while Sami ran around behind the mower making whatever dent he could in the product of Extreme Fertilization + 4″ of rain in one day.

The stoopscape is almost done now. I told Sami that if I could find a doorbell that played La Cucaracha, that would make it complete. Instead of getting the joke (or preemptively trying to nip something in the bud like he did when I suggested stringing chili pepper lights along the banister) he launched into speculation about where he could buy a wireless doorbell with multi-melody options.

Sometimes I worry if our lack of sync means our marriage won’t last.

1 thought on “Getting Ready”

  1. I worry the same thing, but then I turn around and worry just the opposite. Who else would put up with either one of us? During a small spat last week I decided even if we hate each other we have to stay together or face financial ruin. Might as well get along.
    Oh, don’t get the wireless doorbell. They only work for about 6 months.

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