The Pickled Eggs Chronicle

On Thursday, I was moved to make pickled eggs.


You’re supposed to let them sit for 5 days before eating. I made it to Saturday.


Verdict: YES.

If only I had black bread and a beer, this would have been perfect.

2 thoughts on “The Pickled Eggs Chronicle”

  1. This makes me miss my mom. She always made pickled eggs at Easter. I don’t care for hard-boiled eggs, but I always WANTED to like them because they were so pretty. She insisted that I have some with her, so I ate the beets.

    Very artistic arrangement, Suzette. How to you get the yolks so centered?

    1. I don’t have any control over the yolks. Sometimes they’re centered, sometimes they’re not.

      It’s that dish that makes everything look good. Sami always complains that I give him too much food for lunch* but never when I put it on this plate. You can stretch out the same amount of food as on a luncheon plate and it looks like less.

      * Don’t be fooled. I’m no Margaret Anderson. Frequency of lunch giving is about once per weekend. Frequency of complaining is always.

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