Did I Not Call It?

Right on schedule, Chelsea Clinton is pregnant. How conveeeeeenient! Vote wise, this is better than a dead Hawaiian grandmother.


UPDATE: Maybe I didn’t call it.  I had some notes written in November for a post predicting this but I never published it. The draft is titled Mrs. Mezvinsky’s Baby. Here are the notes:

HRC run for prez

only thing missing is grandmotherhood

chelsea pregnant in 2014 then miscarrage

real baby in 2015. elderly mother. prenatal care.

Taking back healthcare. Out with Obamacare. In with  “Chelsea’s Law”.



2 thoughts on “Did I Not Call It?

  1. No, I think you did call it. As soon as I heard the news, I came over here to Cripes Suzette to congratulate you. I don’t recall the post, but I know you mentioned somewhere that a Chelsea baby was something to watch for preceding a Hillary presidential run. So you get snaps from me, because I thought you called it. 😉

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