The Joy of Greeting Cards

I opened a box today that I thought was framed pictures from the old house but it turned out to be a memorabilia that was stored in my mother’s attic. Right on top encased in a sticky plastic bag was my lost silk orchid wedding bouquet looking much less tasteful than I remembered it. Among the assortment were a few random greeting cards, including this one:


eyes wide open

Art imitates art, I guess and this image seems to be modeled on a popular book of its time.

Other items in the box:

  • two student nurse uniforms
  • a pearly pink ceramic jewelry box
  • a ceramic graduation girl standing on a cloud emblazoned with gold script detailing my HS graduation
    • the cloud base contains many many inexpensive religious medals and some detachable garter hooks from an old girdle
  • 4 assorted greeting cards
  • a padded silk keepsake card from my confirmation
  • 3 girl scout badges and a sheet of 4th grade geography homework , all belonging to my daughter
  • a cigar box holding 12 White Owl New Yorkers with custom wrappers proclaiming “OUR WEDDING DAY”
  • a dozen high school wallet-sized pictures of other HS graduates
  • a program from my nursing school’s Dedication Night noting (between the main address and the candle lighting) choral selections I Believe and Climb Every Mountain, then  the recitation of the Florence Nightingale Pledge, immediately followed by another choral selection:  Let There Be Peace On Earth
  • a 3″ lapel pin making the wearer an Official Bicentennial Belle
  • two dozen glow-in-the-dark key rings all in the shape of a number one from various pizza places, body shops and municipal contractors

[worknotes for the forthcoming novelette Suzette, A Life]



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