Famous Blue Raincoat

These are the trench coats that I have owned in my lifetime:

Fullscreen capture 3232014 122650 PM1. A navy blue London Fog raincoat with ivory buttons and a big north-south silver buckle. This was during my Bachelorette  Big City Nurse period. Gawd, you should have seen me. I cinched that belt as tight as it would go and always had a blocky red, white and blue silk scarf at my neck. I’d like to say it was a Vera scarf but I know it wasn’t. Picture me hustling along East 76th street  on my immaculate white  Clinic 502s. This get up looms so large in my personal history that I had to recreate it here with products currently listed on eBay.

2.A white lightweight unlined trench coat made of 100% polyester inside and out. This thing was totally unbreathable  so I never closed it but that worked out very well because the thing would billow behind me as I walked. It was fabulous. I don’t think I ever used scarves with this one because well, it was fabulous all on its own. I felt like I could wear anything and be suitably chic by topping it off with the white trenchcoat. Because it was all polyester, I could never wash any marks out of it so its glory faded over time and I had to stop wearing it.

3. A taupe water resistant trench coat with a removable wool lining. I think I bought this one from JC Penneys. I never wore the lining but I always wore a floral scarf around my neck which did double duty as a babushka in heavy rain. I remember wearing it one cold rainy night when Sami was out of town and I had to use an after-school baby sitter.  I worked a full shift, got the coat and the babushka soaked between the hospital and the car, picked up the kids and then a McDonald’s dinner  and got us all back to the house to eat at the kitchen table. My kids weren’t used to either the baby sitting situation or a McDonald’s dinner and so they were quiet (for a change) as we ate. I wonder if they were experiencing the same gratitude that I was  because we were together in a warm house with hot food front of us. How lucky we were then that this wasn’t our daily routine.  To this day, I think about that night. I’m not saying this was a scene from a Lifetime movie about a mother struggling alone to hold it all together, but when it comes down to it – food, shelter and people who love you. That’s it.

4. A black lightweight unlined trench coat made of 100% polyester inside and out. It’s the exact same coat as the white one so I think I  must have gotten it from a catalog. I did wear an oblong scarf of cream, gold and black design with it. I still have the scarf and I think the coat might still be around but if it is, I haven’t worn it in years and I am not attached to it in any way at all.


2 thoughts on “Famous Blue Raincoat

  1. Those London Fog coats had a very long belt. My coat was taupe. I would put the belt on the last hole and wrap the end around my waist a full turn, tucking it in next to the buckle. Your look was dynamic sophisticate. Mine was boho. I wore a long knit charcoal gray scarf looped around and a dark gray tweed Irish walking hat with a snap brim – up over one eye, down over the other. I had some black suede boots with a bit of high heel, as well. I fancied myself an updated Greta Garbo,

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