Wish Me Luck

I’m headed down the Parkway this morning to see the floor lamp of the Craigslist seller who stood me up before. Not the pageant lamp – the other more sedate one.

Which means I got up early had one cup of coffee and then showered and got otherwise ready according to an external schedule, not my usual pajamas all day and wash your hair whenever you feel like it routine. This is a real drag. How do you people do it?

I do not have the feeling that I am going to come home with this lamp. With one spectacular exception,  I’m conditioned to expect failure when it comes to buying used lamps.



It needs a brighter light bulb and maybe a Swarovski snowflake hanging from the swing arm but here it is. Now I’m all set to fall asleep in this chair when I read. This is my Craigslist corner: nightstand, club chair and floor lamp all gently used and tasked with a second life in my lac,y rose-y bedroom. Which by the way, my children laugh at for its tackiness.

Also, I guess I do have a little pageant in me after all:unnamed (3)

This has been an exhausting experience. I’m glad it’s over with.

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