Compelling Update to My Weekend Activities

First I went to Christmas Tree Shops to feed my spring fever. Came out with:

  • A green and blue swirly 10″ gazing ball to replace the one that I failed to take inside for the winter and which subsequently exploded from the  deep freeze situation out there.
  • An outdoor flag of spring flowers and a watering can, complete with dangling fabric strips meant to simulate streams of water. I am a sucker for watering cans on a garden flag.
  • A little flower pot shaped like an owl because obviously.
  • A  red-handled mini-pruner that is graceful, delicate and so utterly tres petite to the extent that I will have to get a floppy hat and some floral-patterned clogs in order to feel right about using it.

ssgaResisted the urge to buy:

  • $10 deodorizing pet wipes. Eve though I have one of those grind upside down in the stink kind of dogs and was highly motivated to purchase these,  their worth is suspect to me. The ingredients list had only fibrous tissue, water, cleanser listed.  Sounds like I get the same benefit by squirting diluted dog shampoo onto a damp rag.
  • Solar spying garden animals. Actually they had a ton of solar spying gnomes of various sizes. I want to like gnomes but I just don’t.

In the category of non-shopping, my other weekend accomplishments were:

  • filling 3 boxes with clothes, books and random items like handbags, jewelry boxes etc for a charity pickup
  • napping

In other news, I find my self seriously fretting about those plastic covers for baby strollers. I mentioned before how use of this product might lead to a generation of neurotic claustrophobes, but I realize that there might be another danger here. The weather was clear and sunny but still chilly and windy so in the most downtown-ish of my travels, there were plenty of parents pushing plastic encased strollers. The sun was beating down on the plastic making little rolling greenhouses out of the baby passenger area. Wasn’t overheating determined to be implicated in SIDS deaths? Here was have a population of helpless beings in coats, gloves, hats and plastic covers under the sun. Something bad is going to happen. In fact, I bet it already has. I am going to write to Kathleen Sebelius and suggest that this is an emerging hazardous trend and that HHS should start tracking this and issuing public alerts. Because I don’t have enough of my own business to mind.

4 thoughts on “Compelling Update to My Weekend Activities”

  1. My New Yawker kid had a plastic cover for her baby, but only used it for rainy/sleety days when she absolutely had to take baby out. I hate to see those things on sunny days when it looks like the glare alone would bake baby’s eyeballs.

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