The Diminishment of America, Sequin Department

People, are you aware of what is going on with sequins? It’s not good.

The thing about sequins is that they are super glittery and a big pain to apply. But that’s what makes them special. Look at these pictures. Traditional sequins are faceted for maximum sparkle and they are firmly attached by either sewing them on or sticking them through the center hole with a straight pin that has been threaded with a small bead and dipped in glue.*

Fullscreen capture 382014 113338 AM

Well, hang onto your hats because you won’t believe what has happened in the sequin biz. Take a look at what passes for a sequin these days:

Aren’t you disgusted? I am.

The modern sequin is half the size of the traditional one, is flat not faceted, has more hole than surface, is sparkle-deficient and is randomly glued onto things. I suspect some kind of air- blast method of application. They start out with less than full coverage – the background material is visible between sequins – and then as you use the item or even just  touch it, they fall off.

I blame China.

This is one more area of reduced quality in consumer goods. Don’t even get me started about paillettes!  These small things add up, people, and wear a person down. I don’t know how much more I can take.


* I know this because one of my great life accomplishments is that I once made three  Xmas ornaments that looked like Ferroro Rocher candies, life- sized. I don’t exactly know where they are right now but I have always believed that I could re-create them from memory.

Fullscreen capture 382014 115053 AM
Sort of like this but with gold sequins and a brown paper candy cup.

3 thoughts on “The Diminishment of America, Sequin Department”

  1. Good Lord. Those sequins on that purse look like the hole protectors we used when I first started working in an office. If you put your papers in a binder, you needed to put sticky white rings on around holes so that they didn’t rip. Many papers were lost and/or ruined before those things were invented. But, they are not made to be sequins!

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