I Have To Get Out More

Just popping in to say that I am home today after attending a mid-sized business meeting. The meeting content itself was good but not all was well.

First, the haircut I got last week is so bad it looks like I got it for free at the state mental hospital. Second,  I packed the wrong slacks.  Third, I found myself sitting between Somebody Important and a sunbeam, which illuminated my single chin hair.

So I had a chance to make a real splash as a High Powered Executive Business Woman but instead I came across as something of a hybrid Rod Stewart/billygoat wearing clown pants.

5 thoughts on “I Have To Get Out More”

  1. Let’s shift focus to the substance of the meeting, because I don’t think you give yourself enough credit for your competence sometimes. If the HPEBW was blind (or virtuously objective), how would she have perceived your contribution?

  2. Gawd…chin hairs! Hate those bastards.
    (It’s been a long winter.) I feel like those characters in Russian novels that reel around drinking whiskey neat and screaming at the sky. “Damn you, wretched wretched weather.)

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