Obama Knows Best

If Father Knows Best is any guide, the patriarchy came home from work at 3:30 in the afternoon.


The Anderson’s have breakfast together, a scene from which one or another of the children leaps up before finishing because they are late for school. Father always finishes his meal and then drives downtown to his office. When do you suppose his workday starts? 9 o’clock? 8:30 at the very earliest.

Fast forward to modern times. Your faithful correspondent is at her station no fewer than 10 hours a day, often 11+. Granted, your faithful correspondent has always been afraid not to work, in case work dries up and she is subsequently locked out of work forever. Your faithful correspondent is a nurse by trade so that unemployment scenario is extremely unlikely but even so let’s not take any unnecessary chances.

The point is I’m wearing down. I’ve always fancied myself to have the freedom to manage my own destiny and stop working anytime I felt was right for me. But I suddenly realized that I am too young for Medicare and that my work-provided insurance coverage is going to keep me tied to my job for years longer than I want to work. Such is my demographic detail and my on-the-record party affiliation that Obamacare is not good for me. Even though I am relatively issue-free now, it will only take one good fall or the discovery of one irregularly shaped mole to put me in a boxcar headed for the glue factory.

So I’m a victim. A current victim of fear; a future victim of winnowing the herd. Obama wins.

Anyway, the Anderson’s have a beautiful spacious home, belong to a country club, have tuxedos and party dresses and a gardener. Pocket money for impulse purchases like pony pictures or money for college never seems to be a worry. That’s pretty good for a single income family where the bread earner puts in minimal time. That Father must have sold a shit ton of insurance policies while he was there.

I’m working like a beast of burden and my efforts reach almost 200,000 people – no kidding – on the first touch. I’m not irreplaceable but I’m uber productive and I make more money than I ever dreamed possible. Not a lot of money – just more than I ever thought I would make.  Still, I never throw away the stem end of a tomato and  I could write my own sit com episode about how I can convince myself that it’s necessary for my future financial security to let go of no more than $20 per visit to the gas station.

Also, I have no time or capacity left at the end of the day for blogging.

11 thoughts on “Obama Knows Best”

  1. I always wanted to be the 4th child in that family with a cute pet name like “Kitten” or “Princess”. Real life was nothing like that in the 50’s. Well, for me anyhow 🙂

  2. I can’t think of anything clever to write but I am laughing my butt off 😉
    Thanks again Suzette for jump starting my morning!

  3. I was in the exact same situation as you last year. I worked in IT for a medical lab. It started getting harder and harder to engage my brain to write programs – mainly because I was just tired of it all. It was affecting my health, I was depressed and just generally miserable about everything. But the thought of not having health insurance scared me. I had back surgery last March, then I waited until 18 months before medicare would kick in (that is how long COBRA lasts) and decided to retire. I don’t regret it, much, but after seeing what Obamacare is going to do to Medicare I am furious beyond words. We work all our lives, do the right thing, plan for our retirement based on the rules, then the bastards change the rules on us. I am healthier and happier now, but still anxious about the future. That will probably not change until we can elect some adults to run the country. Best of luck to you. It’s a hard decision either way.

  4. If you only allow yourself to spend $20 for each trip to the gas station, It won’t be long before that’s going to buy you about 2 gallons.

  5. I’ve been feeling those exact feelings since about 2 years ago when my husband’s diabetes caused him to have to retire earlier than planned. Our youngest child is 19 which means she’s on our insurance for 7 more years. I’m praying this school district will let me keep working until I’m 70, and that I stay healthy that long.
    It’s fun to get older these days innit?

  6. The government *used* to be tasked with the enforcement of contracts. Now they unilaterally change them.

    Middle class anxiety has been on the rise since the 1970s and every national candidate since then has invoked it as a reason to elect him or her. Tap into the fear and you’ve got something usable to get yourself into office.

    Of course, there is no political solution, since it is an economic problem: the US has seen a decrease in excess wealth created as it has continued to export its manufacturing capacity. (By “excess” I mean that over and above what is needed for basic necessities. It does not imply “too much”.)

    Reverse that trend and the middle class will re-gain strength, but since that means non-union shops, lower corporate taxes and relaxation of environmental bureaucracy, don’t expect that from a Democratic President or Senate.

    BTW, I now limit my gas purchases to the amount of cash I have in my wallet. There’s a 10 cent a gallon difference up here for cash.

  7. I’m sure somewhere amidst the thousands of pages of gobbletygook in the ACA is the “Soylent Green” clause.

    1. I should hasten to mention that I am not “organic”, I’m full of chemicals and preservatives. Probably gluten as well.

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