6 AM Theater

I don’t know about you but when I first get up in the morning, the last thing I want is to get riled up over the news or – lately – the weather. What I want is to ease myself gently into the day. In nice weather, I do that out on the deck. In winter, I do it in front of the TV.

So at 6am, my best TV option for that gentle transition  is Father Knows Best. A few days ago, Cornel Wilde was the guest star and he came to the Anderson house to consult Father on urgent matters of car insurance. One thing led to another and Margaret invited him to share their dinner of pork chops. Cornel Wilde accepted and expressed hope that the pork chops would be baked with sour cream and onions the way his mother used to make. Margaret said that coincidentally, that is exactly what she was serving that night while Father stood by and looked like he’d rather get his hair cut by Fronk the gardener’s lawn mower than have anything to do with  pork chops baked with sour cream and onions.

Margaret appears with a silver tray full of  caviar canapes and then Cornel Wilde volunteers to babysit for Kathy so Father and Margaret can keep their date to play cards with another couple. Father refers to the caviar canapes as “this junk” as soon as Margaret is out of earshot and enlists Cornel Wilde in a chummy laugh about it because this is after all the patriarchy that we’re talking about.


Don’t laugh, Margaret. They’re laughing at you.

Bud spilled the beans when he thoughtlessly stated that his mother was making him run to the store for sour cream and onions. Everybody had a good natured laugh when the truth came out but Margaret said she really thought she might like to try making them that way. Apparent, her plan was to use this recipe:

  • Step 1  – glob some sour cream and onions on top of pork chops
  • Step 2 – bake.

… which if it’s good enough for Margaret Anderson, it’s good enough for me. And so that’s what I did today but instead of using an oven I used a crock pot. And so the nice little thin pork chops coated in flour, fried in a pan and then squirted by a thick wedge of lemon immediately before serving that had been filling my dreams got hijacked by Cornel Wilde.  Or more likely by some Hollywood script writer who made it up out of whole cloth, if this is anything to go by:

Fullscreen capture 2112014 30010 PM

So the pork chops crocked with sour cream and onions were good but they were not the pan fried pork chops of my dreams. Frankly, I don’t know what Cornel Wilde sees in them.

Another dinner time observation from Father Knows Best: Do you realize that Father sits at the head of the table with all of the dinner plates stacked in front of him and surrounded by serving bowls? I saw him dish out a meat lump, a baked potato still in its jacket and exactly 2 spoons of peas onto a dinner plate and then pass it down the side of the table until all were served. He is a practiced Father so he was able to do this while keeping up some  light dinner table patter and simultaneously wondering what was bothering Bud. The thing I found so interesting was that Father used the same two serving utensils to take from first the meat lump dish and then the potato dish, then he would delicately lay them facing each other into the potato dish and pick up the dish of peas which had its own serving spoon sticking out of it. I was fascinated.

Really, when you sit alone in a dark room staring a the TV as you slowly sharpen up for the day, these things can make quite an impression on you.


3 thoughts on “6 AM Theater

  1. Dontcha love the crockpot? Everything pretty much tastes the same, but it’s so damn convenient. In by 7, out by 7 no matter what.

  2. 1) Experience has taught me to add sour cream at the end of the cooking process, and only then when the food isn’t so hot as to curdle it.
    2) Cornel Wilde might have liked sour cream and onion pork chops for the same reason he ran around Africa, naked, for several months – he was batshit crazy.
    3) Did Dr. Welby wear a hairnet as he served food? MO might have concerns.
    4) If you’re eschewing the manipulative manic media in the morning, you may have missed the bit about a Corgi (Coco) taking top honors in The Herding Group at Westminster (only to have the judges overlook her and give Best of Show to one of those stuffed-dog looking Wire Fox Terriers).

    • Re Schmed, yes on #1. Sour cream is supposed to be a late addition. I don’t see it working with a crockpot. But then I am another one who believes all the goodness cooks out of the meat and I get a disproportionate amount of broth to rather shrunken unappealing meat. My grandson swears by his crockpot chili, which sounds more like it for that mode of cooking.

      I won $10 at a WKC Dog Show party with the Bloodhound. A prize for each category and then a goofy trophy for the winner of Best in Show. Zero talent required. The names of the dogs are on little slips drawn at the beginning of the party. But the food, adult beverages, and general fun are good. And the money donated (and won) goes to the local Humane Society.

      I won $225 at the Super Bowl on the first quarter. Never win anything. This may be a good year after all. (I kept that money.)

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