Cabin Fever, A Brain Dump

I’m not one to complain about winter BUT it’s almost the middle of February and I’ve about had it. Not only do I have cabin fever but the cabin needs vacuuming, my bird feeders are empty and if I see one more quiche I’m going to scream.

This is how bad it is: I almost watched the collected music videos of Miley Cyrus on TV this morning. Luckily, I was able to snap myself out of it.

I guess it doesn’t help that my son just rented a place that has a fruiting banana tree and birds of paradise plants in the yard. I have snow and empty bird feeders and my autumn leaf flag is still hanging on the shed, 3 flags behind what would normally be there now.

I’ve been in this house so long that my hair grew long and my cut lost its shape. Sami just walked by and told me – me, unbathed and in the same pajamas for two days running – and told me that I look pretty. His whole thing is about the length of my hair, as If I’d ever go back to straight long hair again.

I was going to talk about Total Eclipse of the Heart a little bit, but instead I will share something with you about Hurra Torpedo, the world’s leading kitchen appliance rock band. As you now, their rendition of TEOTH has been stuck in my head for quite a while. Turns out that in this as in most other things, I am late to the party.

“In October/November 2005 they became part of a viral ad campaign by going on a coast to coast tour in the U.S. that was paid for by Ford in order to promote the Ford Fusion car. As part of the ad campaign, a mockumentary movie called “The Crushing Blow” was being made.”

That mocumentary is posted on YouTube in 36 parts. I’m about half-way though it ad the Ford Fusion makes minimal appearances always without mention of the brand. I think my favorite part so far is immediately after a trip to a salvage yard in Los Alamos where they rented a few torpedo husks, they make a music video at Fridgehenge in NM . The band plays on their trademark smashed appliances what I think may be a soulful rendition of Sunrise,Sunset. The whole series is quite droll and extremely amusing to me.


4 thoughts on “Cabin Fever, A Brain Dump

  1. One of my smart… bottom associates here remembered the fur and had to explain it to his wife. He also mentioned that Farah Fawcett’s first major tv appearance was with Broadway Joe in a Noxema shaving cream ad.

    You know, Noxema, Noxema… take it all off?

    Why do I have to be the one who remembers this for the rest of you?

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