suzette dot suzette

Do you know my email address? It’s suzette DOT suzette AT gmail DOT com

For several years now, I’ve been getting email for a person named Suzette [last name rhymes with profit] in Indianapolis. At one time she must have believed that my email address is her email address because she has used it for both business and personal email.

How does that happen?  I’ve had this address ever since I changed my blog name to Cripes Suzette in August of 2004. I’ve been getting the occasional emails meant for her for about 4 years.

Here is a list of some of the emails I’ve gotten that were meant for her:

  • a chatty invitation for a Bible Study group outing to a baseball game and picnic
  • a recap of a meeting with an agent discussing rehearsal space in an Indianapolis landmark building
  • an invoice for a piece of software
  • an application from a construction group to bid on a commercial cleaning contract
  • guidance from a community organizer about who to contact for clearing records from the Marion County prosecutor’s office

I know a lot about this woman just from these misdirected emails. I know her address, what she does for a living,  where her business is located,  and her full name – the first of which is spelled SUZETT.

So I don’t know. Did she make the mistake or did the people who are trying to reach her? It seem like a varied group of people and 5+ seems like a lot of incidents to be coincidental, although I’m sure everyone has the urge to add that final E to the first name.

I don’t mind the emails – they are infrequent and entertaining. I’m just telling you about it.




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