See that pint of Hagen Das coffee ice cream?


I ate it three weeks ago. He knows I ate it and I know he knows it.

I am officially On. A. Diet. so I can’t say that I ate it. And he whom I accuse of being a saboteur can’t say he knows I ate it because he’s the one who brought it in here after the declared beginning of The. Diet. And if he admits he knows that  I ate it, that is the equivalent of admitting to being a saboteur.

If I throw out the empty carton, that is the same as admitting I am no longer On. A. Diet. so I will lose the special consideration he gives to my fussy and expensive Diet. shopping list. If he throws the carton out, that is the same as admitting that I have succumbed to his sabotage. Although his faults are many, purposely working against me is not one of them.

So for the moment, precious freezer space is being occupied by an empty ice cream container and neither one of us can say or do anything about it. This is how a successful marriage works.

1 thought on “Standoff”

  1. Somewhere there should be a place where relationship rules are collected, and this should have a chapter all of its own. Well stated.

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