Sad to say that today’s pop culture watchers are illiterates in their own medium. This applies to young people in the GenPop as well as to media writers and announcers. They view everything through the narrow and short-sighted lens of their own limited experience and display a disappointing lack of curiosity. How else to explain the hair-trigger launch of   Twitter bombing  about Joe Namath’s fur coat?


Back in the late 60s and early 70s, people could barely walk in the street without tripping over him in a mink, a fox, or a white shearling. He wasn’t known as Broadway Joe for nothing. He was an egotistical showboat and never missed an opportunity to display it. That confidence in himself is what made him so good. And so sexy. The furs weren’t gender bending – they were a downright take over of luxury goods. He was a man who earned the right to do whatever he wanted with his money and his spotlight. “To say it’s a charmed life is the understatement of the century.”

I am only thankful that he didn’t show up to last night’s game in pantyhose.

1 thought on “Broadway”

  1. Joe, in his fur, tossing the coin before it was “called” was the highlight of this Superbowl. And the ref caught it–like a boss. Would be fun to watch a gif of that 🙂

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