Or Maybe Just A Fifth of Gin With A Straw In It

I MIGHT live blog the State Of The Union  speech tonight, but  since I can’t stand the sight or sound of  The Smartest President Ever, I have some ideas about how to make it tolerable.





I may have drifted off into fanfic there at the end but you get the idea.

4 thoughts on “Or Maybe Just A Fifth of Gin With A Straw In It”

  1. I can say with all truthfulness that I would rather do almost anything than listen to zero give the SOTA.
    It is one of those “you need to dip me in sh.t and hang out to dry before I will do that” moments.

  2. I spent the time frame of the speech at our township committee meeting, during which we passed several pragmatic ordinances, sent time listening to other residents speak their minds, learned we completed our courtroom rehabilitation on time and under budget, and, oh yes, heard from our CFO that our AAA bond rating has been reaffirmed for another year.

    I think I had a better evening than you did.

  3. The only parts I was interested in watching were the entrance announcements (on Cspan) e.g.: “Mr. Speaker–the Justices of the Supreme Court!”
    I wanted to see who got kissed/hand-shaked on the way in, and then I changed the channel to Hollywood Hillbillies at the start of the speech.

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