Well I Don’t Know

I’ve been too busy with work during the week to do more than tweet and read a few websites here and there but I was filled with ideas of what I was going to write on the weekend. Now that the weekend is here and I have the time, I forgot what I was going to say. Something about The Rise of Hillary, something about  the Obamas being boring and one aborted attempt to photoshop the Chik-Fil-A cow suit onto Lavaughn Michelle.

But the only thing that comes to mind is the ongoing search for a reading lamp for my bedroom. the current state of affairs, my friends, is dreadful.

plLamp #1 – The Pageant Lamp. So you remember the snowy Saturday morning that I drove down the Parkway to see this but the seller had cancelled? I went to Denver the following week so I asked Sami to call the guy (without mentioning me) to make an arrangement to see it. He went down on a weekday after work and met the seller at the storage place parking lot and this is what happened:

  • The seller came out of his car talking on his cellphone and interrupted his conversation only to say “Sami?” when he saw my husband.
  • The seller continued to talk on his cellphone while they both trudged through the aisles between rows of storage units and only hung up when he needed both hands to open the unit door.
  • The seller had to body surf over a pieces of a large sectionalsofa and assorted boxes to get to the very back of the unit to extract the lamp.
  • The seller inflated his asking price from $50.00 or  best offer to $75.00
  • The seller inflated his story about paying $300.00 originally for this lamp to $400.00
  • The base of the lamp had a lot of  rust.
  • In his opening haggle move, Sami expressed doubt that $75.00 was a reasonable price for a rusty lamp.
  • In his opening haggle move, the seller said “Okay”, threw the lamp back into the unit on top of the sectional sofa, pulled the door down and walked away.

Sami came home and told me the story and we both had a good laugh. The seller never knew that Sami and I were related so I suppose he thought there there was a sudden demand for used  floor lamps and his price hike was a reaction to that. The lamp remains available on Craigslist as of this writing.

00O0O_8MYOztx5icM_600x450Lamp #2 the Traditional The other lamp I was thinking about is also still available on Craigslist. This one is less flashy but more classic and for some reason, that pleated shade calls to me. It’s located in south Jersey near the area where I regularly meet my daughter for lunch.

It did take two emails before the seller contacted me but she was amenable to my request to see it on an upcoming weekend when I would be in the area so we made an appointment for 5pm  on a Sunday. She said she’d email or text me the directions. And this is what happened:

  • I headed down the Parkway on that Sunday to meet my daughter for lunch at around 2ish.
  • I still hadn’t heard back from the seller for directions.
  • I emailed and texted three times over 2 1/2 hours before we gave up on it.
  • On the following Tuesday – because I still couldn’t believe that somebody who wanted to sell something and had a live one on the hook would be deliberately non-responsive – I sent a friendly email that said gee maybe you haven’t been receiving my messages.
  • I never heard from her again.

What up, Craigslist sellers? Do you want to sell your stuff or not?  Could it have something to do with the Parkway? I don’t know. I suppose I could shop for a brand new lamp and maybe I will eventually but right now I’m still pissed.

Also, my single chin hair grew back.

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