4 thoughts on “I’m Onto You”

  1. My taste in lamps is eclectic, so my suggestion is a lava lamp, on an antique stand with lion’s feet legs. If you have to read, get one of those thingies that clip on a book.

  2. Lamps have always been my downfall. I don’t really like any of them, but loathe living in the dark. The vaguely Mission style thing that hangs over our dining table lost one of its four light sockets to an aggressive remover of a lightbulb. When I asked the snooty woman at the local lighting store whether they could repair it, she sniffed and said “why don’t you just get a new one…”

    We are limping along with only three bulbs and those are endangered anyway, so…

    We also need a floor lamp. I’d rather have my hair pulled out than shop for a floor lamp. Or any lamp.

    My late Mother loved lamps so it is not genetic.

    So I wish you luck and watch the process. From afar.

    1. Good grief! Just visited next post and saw your two floor lamps!!!!

      Not bad (I like the one that appears to have an extending hinged arm thingy?). But those sellers are too arrogant. And Craigslist as buyer or seller scares the you-all out of me.

      Maybe I’m stuck with hideous Lamps R Us or whatever. Or living like a meerkat.

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