Hey you guys – remember when I used to be over run with jars of allspice?

When Sami first came to this country he read the label and assumed that it was a blend of all spices so he used it in everything he cooked, believing that everything was covered no matter what he was making. It wasn’t until we were married for many years, that I was finally able to convince him that this was one particular spice, dispute it’s name.

And still he bought it. It was the instinctive hunter/gatherer in him taking care of his tribe in the event of allspice shortage. Every time he was in the spice aisle he’d grab a jar so we’d have it on hand. It wasn’t until I started moving jars directly out of the grocery bag and into the trash bag right in front of him that he stopped. We’re down to a reasonable amount now.

I used some allspice in a recipe today for the first time that I can remember. I wish Sami had been here to see it. Wait no I don’t because seeing that would unleash the spice hoarding kraken in him and I’d be overrun again before I knew what was even happening.

Of course, we are currently overrun with cumin , and whole fennel seed is gaining on us. So what’s the difference?


2 thoughts on “Spicy”

  1. Once again, I can relate, only it’s a lifetime supply of the McCormick’s Grill Mates which my husband pours on everything except ice cream. I attribute that to a career of eating c-rations and a lifetime married to a woman who doesn’t cook.

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