Jersey Joke

I’m working against deadlines and can hardly find the time to eat, never mind blog but this fine example of modern journalism deserves comment:

A Time magazine article published this week  as part of the on-going assault on Chris Christie expanded the target to include all of New Jersey. I am assuming that writer Nick Gillespie went through several drafts before refining his article to this final version. And then Time approved it for publication.

I could not read past the highlighted sentence. Click to enlarge and get a good eyeful of it.


Incidentally, although this author seems quite concerned with holding the current (R) governor to the straight and narrow, Google could not help me find his article expressing concern about former governor (D) Jim McGreevey’s decision to fill the post of state Homeland Security advisory with an inexperienced, unqualified non-U.S. citizen who also happened to be his boyfriend. Neither could I find anything he wrote about conflict of interest when former governor (D) Jon Corzine was bonking the head of a state government workers union state, a union which  which coincidentally won a  favorable contract renewal.


5 thoughts on “Jersey Joke

  1. I am foregoing any further reading about “Bridgegate” and devoting my ever-decreasing attention span to the hijinks in Trenton City, where, unbeknownst to the MSM, the FBI is revealing the take-over of city hall by organized crime. All with the willingness and collusion of the current (Democrat) mayor.

    Also unreported is the on-going saga of the Trenton City foray into the hotel business, a story that defies summary, other than as a NJ cliché. Suffice it to say that tens of millions of tax dollars desperately needed for basic services in the city went instead to build and run a hotel mainly used by lobbyists and state legislators too lazy to drive home. But since the Trenton City Council is Democrat…

    The (Democrat) mayor of Newark made dozens of appointments he did not have the power to make. Camden is, as far as we know, nothing but a smoking ruin presided over by a (Democrat) mayor who does nothing but appeal to the state for help.


  2. And the best Wyoming can do is the hundred year old Teapot Dome Scandle. Obviously, of course, a Republican administration.

  3. First mistake: reading Time magazine. I stopped in the 70s and I’m always surprised when I see a copy — looks like a small pamphlet now instead of the once mighty magazine of yore.

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