Ferret Face Pallone

So about the big GW Bridge closing “scandal” that is currently being manufactured to discredit NJ Governor  Christie and get him out of the way … is that anything like when Obama closed down the GM dealerships of those who didn’t contribute to his campaign?


a well known ferret

Whenever that unquestioning soldier in the liberal army, pillar of morality, that licker of Nancy Pelosi’s butt – Frank Pallone, US Congressman (D-NJ 6th District) , a well-known ferret with square hair and a little eye – gets involved you can be sure  something fishy is happening.


3 thoughts on “Ferret Face Pallone

  1. The feeding frenzy going on is priceless. The Star-Ledger is now “all GWB, all the time”, ignoring not only the multitude of past Democrat gubernatorial scandals (“I am a Gay-American who hired a lover to head up Anti-Terror programs for NJ and broke my leg chasing him down the beach…”) (“I am boffing the head of one of the biggest unions in the state and paying for her home, condo and kids’ education…”)

    Not to mention the trial of the mayor of Trenton currently under-weigh to deafening silence.

    The Obama Administration, scenting blood in the water, is now going to investigate “Stronger Than The Storm” – a PR campaign at which, BTW, Obama took part. But, you know, when you owe the Clintons a favor, they don’t forget it.

  2. What?! Politicians are found to be crooked and deceitful. Nah! Are you sure it’s Democrats you’re talking about? I have it on good authority from the MSM that Republicans are responsible for all evil things.

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