Feed The Birds


There are always cardinals in the window bird feeder that hangs over the kitchen sink. The male is brave and not bothered at all by noise or my movements. The female is much more skittish. I have to stand perfectly still and silent or she takes off. Most times she won’t even land but hangs a sharp left if I’m already standing at the sink.

Yesterday a little striped weirdo showed up, it turned out to be a House Finch. Internet says there are 300 million of them in the country but I have never seen one before.

The standing feeder has seed on the platform. Blue jays have been visiting this morning and pecking at the edges through the snow. At least the squirrels are out for the count today.

2 thoughts on “Feed The Birds”

  1. We have two pairs of Cardinals that have been visiting us forever (actually it’s probably grandkids of the originals by now). The females are always afraid of any movement but the males try to act brave. We like the male House Finches with their read heads. We have zillions! Blue Jays don’t like our yard and we haven’t seen any in years. We do, however, have a pair of Downey Woodpeckers who literally let us walk right up to them at the feeders. Squirrels? We let them eat our seed and they’ve agreed to not destroy our feeders. It’s a bit less costly that way! 🙂

  2. We put bird cake out in a hanging feeder. One of our visitors is a huge red-bellied woodpecker who practically turns himself into a pretzel trying to get to the seeds. Very entertaining.

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