2013 was a year of surprise, change and challenge. I spent a lot of time reacting to things. I was the thing I hate most – a drifting leaf, an empty vessel, a person without a plan. This year is going to be different. I’m already taking a firmer grip on the details of my life and the first thing I will address is carrots.

I will no longer deal with carrots.

Recently, I found myself staring into a pot of cabbage soup and thinking how good it looked. All the pieces so uniformly cut, such a nice blend of color and texture. I was looking forward to eating it, everything excet the carrots which I always leave in the bottom f the soup bowl. It was then that I realized that I add carrots only because that is the way I was taught to do it, not because they taste good. That revelation was immediate followed by another even more shocking one: I don’t have to add carrots at all. In fact, I don’t have to deal with carrots anywhere at all.

This was mind-blowing. I didn’t even realize that I don’t care for carrots. What kind of person does that make me? Who doesn’t like carrots? I never eat the carrots from the soup,  I would not even consider cooked carrots as a side dish – peas and carrots are absolutely out of the question – and I never use a raw carrot as a conveyance for dip or a eat them plain as a snack. Who is fooling who with those little carrot logs being pushed as “baby carrots” when they are really sticks from regular carrots lathed down to a small size?

Truth be told, I have grated carrots on many occasions but I do it for the color not the taste or even the nutrition. (I actually don’t eat anything for the nutrition. Have you met me?) I like to add them to salads that I make for Sami but he is not onboard with that because “there’s nothing to bite into”. I also mix them 4-to-1 with shredded zucchini to make a nice little veggie egg pancake but again that’s for color.

In general, I would much rather have a radish.

And so 2014 is the advent of my freedom from carrots, a vegetable I didn’t even know that I didn’t like.


copperpennyAddendum: From Our Department of Childhood Trauma

All this carrot talk has brought up a ghastly memory that I have successfully kept submerged for many years. One of my favorite old aunties used to spoil every picnic, barbeque and cookout by showing up with a large glass baking dish filled with Copper Pennies. Good grief! Whoever thought this up?

This is very likely the thing that sparked my carrot aversion.


4 thoughts on “2014

  1. Copper pennies is one of those dishes that requires you to taste once, so the horror you feel when you see it is validated by the ghastly taste.

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more about cooked carrots. Just seeing peas and carrots makes me gag. Of course, I don’t like peas either.

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