Happy Birthday To My Husband

Today is Sami’s birthday. He doesn’t like to receive any presents for any occasion but I really thought I had it nailed this time.


I gave him a 13″ non-stick ceramic Italian fry pan made with real! diamonds! Who wouldn’t like that? As you can see from the label, it’s Mirror Extra Shiny so you don’t even have to cook in it to enjoy it.

Naturally, he complained about it. Nevertheless,  I’m pretty sure that we’ll be seeing some pancakes cooked over diamonds around here pretty soon.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To My Husband”

  1. Happy Birthday to Sami! Where does one get a pan like this (I’m too lazy to Google it right now!)? I love my stainless steel cookware except for cooking eggs. They stick every single friggin’ time. I need to treat myself to some diamonds.

  2. It came from Home Goods. They have a ton there of all sizes and colors. Just be sure it says ‘ceramic”.

    I have a smaller one that I use for eggs, and it is so slick that you almost have to chase the eggs around the pan to flip them. I had to develop a whole new on-boarding technique to get them onto a spatula.

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