And That’s How It Is

Suzette At Work:

I just realized that my entire working day is a head shot from BravoTV. If you’ve ever watched any of their hit shows, you know that a regular feature is the talking head where one of  the main characters make comments on action that was just shown on the screen. As they talk  sooner or later, although their voices remain strong and their heads are perfectly still, their eyes become extra shiny and they do. not. blink. so you start to wonder if they are going to cry.

Fullscreen capture 12112013 35722 PM

And they are going to cry. Maybe they’ll gulp or their voice will start quavering or maybe they’ll bust out into a big sudden sob. But this moment – this one here with the shiny eyes before the actual crying starts – this is how I spend every day at work.

Gawd, I’m so sick of this.

3 thoughts on “And That’s How It Is”

  1. I have that exact expression on my face right now. Ordered Siriracha and Wasabi candy canes on Dec 2 with 2nd day delivery for a Christmas party joke. They will not get here in time due to extreme cold in (of all places) Texas!
    Oh, the drama. But the tears won’t fall, just a tiny lip quiver and a gulp. My Christmas is RUINED!
    I hope your drama resolves itself without the need for tears.

  2. Indeed. At the very least, you need to change what you’re doing. A different position in the company, a different company, or no company – any of those. Staying still is hurting you.

    And yes, you can wait until after the holidays to work out your plan.

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