Amused Wary and Disappointed

AMUSED The Pope. Il Papa. So Time has named Pope Francis Man of the Year. Frankly, I didn’t even know that was still a thing. Is that as valid and rooted in reality as say, the Nobel Peace Prize?

The first time the media happily transposed the Pope’s words to fit the modern leftist agenda, they got a smack down pretty fast from the Vatican correcting the false interpretation of what he meant. This honor (and by honor I mean “honor”) is another opportunity for the left to give people the impression that the Church is on-board with abortion.

Tell me this – if the media does a story on the economy, they dig up an economist to interview and quote. If they do a story on anthropogenic global warming, they get hold of what passes for a scientist. If they are covering some medical breakthrough, they find a physician or medical researchers to add color to their coverage. Why is it that when it comes to covering the Catholic church, they go with only their own viewpoints and opinions. When pressed, they might trouble themselves dig up a “Catholic” the likes of Nanny Pee or Plugs Biden but never a priest, a church spokesman, or an Average Joe-type coming out of Sunday Mass.

So here it is: if you’re not Catholic, then you have no business criticizing the Church or the Pope. If you are a lapsed Catholic who disagrees with The Church and feels the need to share your opinions, okay but then get out . No need for you to hang around – go be a Unitarian. The Catholic Church is not a democracy and your  opinions, born with an eye towards your own convenience, are not going to sway the rules.

Anyway, I guess we’ll have to wait until this new flush of anti-capitalist/pro-abortion  gets crammed down everybody’s throat until another clarifying statement comes from the Vatican that reveals The Church is still The Church and the teachings haven’t changed. Bottom line is that what  the media has noticed the Pope saying is what the Catholic Church has always said.

WARY I am not as thrilled as the rest of the country seems to be by the appointment of a woman to lead General Motors. If not for the $10.5B-losing bailout, GM would have have had to examine their practices, make changes and compete in the real world market place. The Saturn never would have been killed and Cadillac models would once again have names instead of numbers.  As it stands though, the bailout provided a soft landing for all of their stumbles and they are now upright and undamaged. But are they changed? If they’re not, God Help Mary T. Barra the first female CEO of GM and the patsy set up to take the blame for the coming fall.

The bad driver jokes and PMS references are already all over the internet. Imagine the ridicule when GM finally fails once and for all with a woman at the helm.

DISAPPOINTED  I was trying to make pineapple cookies and I didn’t realize until it was all mixed that I used tablespoons instead of teaspoons for the baking powder and baking soda. I was debating if that would really make a difference and I grabbed the crushed pineapple that was in the strainer and dumped in the whole can instead of measuring out one cup. It smelled wonderful and I had 30 seconds of bliss before I realized what I did.

In my heart, I knew things were ruined but I put plastic wrap over the bowl and stuck it in the fridge overnight until I could consider what to do next. In the morning, the cookie dough had expanded like yeasty bread dough and blew the plastic off of the bowl. I shut the refrigerator door and thought about it. An hour later, after coming to the conclusion of  oh, what the heck, I some up just to see what would happen.
First of all, a 1″ ball blew up into a 3″ x 1″ cookie. They looked ok but didn’t have much of a smell. It took another hour to work up the courage to sample one and when I did, I knew I had to throw the whole works out. I couldn’t taste any pineapple or walnuts,  it was not sweet and was very heavily baking soda-y.
I can’t believe this is happening to me. I used to be so with it.

6 thoughts on “Amused Wary and Disappointed

  1. I also choose to be mostly amused. It’s the only way to get through Christmas without becoming a Grinch. But, I’m not so much amused by the reinterpretation of the Pope’s message as I am sure he’s more than a match for Time magazine and it’s agenda.

  2. I find it amusing that folks on the left, Catholic and not, are so anxious to soak in their own interpretation of what the Pope says. I think they only listen to the MSNBC version and never hear the corrected explanation. If I say treat everyone nicely, be kind to your neighbor and help those less fortunate, I am still a racist, bigoted, homophobic capitalist because I don’t agree with gay marriage or killing unborn babies. Oh well, MSNBC doesn’t come into my house, so who cares what they don’t know.

  3. “I can’t believe this is happening to me. I used to be so with it.”

    I know, right? Me, too. I used to laugh when my mom would say “I can’t do anything right anymore.” Now it’s me. Sigh. I’ve tried to analyze it. Is it lack of concentration? Pain meds? But I didn’t used to have to TRY to concentrate. And why should one have to concentrate on making cookies, for crying out loud? Anyway, I feel your pain.

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