I’m willing to accept weather predictions – that’s my part of the bargain: the weatherman says it and I believe it –  but I fully expect my weather to be on time as predicted.


We went to meet our daughter for breakfast yesterday at a halfway point which just so happened to be a Cracker Barrel.  My breakfast was good but I strongly suspect that their grits are not pure grits; they are a bastardization of grits and cream of wheat. I don’t mind that so much because I like cream of wheat but if it says grits, serve me grits. Would I go back? Definitely yes! Have you seen the gift shops in those places? I picked up the cutest little things for the small rustic tree in the den, including this squirrel/rabbit hybrid. That is a squirrel with a tail made out of rabbit fur.

Anyway. Same thing with the weather – if the snow is supposed to start at 2, then don’t go showing up with snow at noon and ruining everybody’s family time.

Also, FYI I am totally sick of the Emergency Alert system in my town and I’m sorry that I put my cellphone as the format for receiving the messages. It is abusive. Let me know when a hurricane is coming and where I can get fresh water – okay. Tell me that it’s going to snow tomorrow – pul-ease. It was especially annoying during election season. The mayoral seat was up so  we used to get calls about Enjoy yourself at Aberdeen Day. Or Safety tips for pumpkin picking. All recorded personally by the sitting mayor.  I told him, too. I told him that I was giving him 10 points to start out with.  Every time I got an emergency alert and heard his voice for something that isn’t an emergency, I was going to deduct one point. If he got down to 7 points, I would stay home and not vote against him. If he got less than 6 points, I would vote for his opponent. He won anyway so I guess we can expect more of the same next time the seat is up. Today’s emergency alert at least was from the town manager announcing snow beginning tomorrow morning with a total accumulation of between 3-6″. Not so much of an emergency in my book, but maybe he’s in cahoots with the supermarkets to drive toilet paper sales.

Thank goodness they have not started using this venue for school closings. We are still charmingly treated to the firehouse siren 6:32 am if school is closed for the day. If I start getting messages about schools and school buses, there is going to be trouble.


3 thoughts on “Monday

  1. Weathermen/Weatherwomen are slipping to be less trusted than Obamamen/Obamawomen and Used Car Salesmen/Used Car Saleswomen. (See how easy it is to be PC !). It rained all day yesterday in coastal Virginia and our local forecasters tweeted “Yay, we were right”.

    As far as grits, the only recipes I trust are Paula Deens.

  2. I love it that you bargained with a politician. Of course it had predictable results, but the sheer optimism is noteworthy.

  3. Up here after Irene we flirted with the Nixle system for cellphone alerts. Turned out you could subscribe, but not upload alerts or unsubscribe (there’s business model for you…)

    So I still get text alerts about road closings and missing teenagers from every nearby town, except ours. And as a government official (ahem) I also get super-secret text messages from JCP&L concerning their emergency repairs and outage information.

    At least I was supposed to. What I really get is stuff like “Educate your residents on holiday tree light safety.” Or, “It gets dark early, so alert your residents that our crews may be out working after sunset.”


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