Do you watch the utterly fascinating First Ladies series on C-Span? The most recent offering there is Lady Bird Johnson so you know that I DVR’d it and watched it more than once. Oh it was a fabulous thing – my only quibble is that they showcased Lynda Bird’s snoozefest of a wedding instead of Luci Baines’ extravaganza on the flimsy pretext that Lynda’s was a White House wedding and Luci only had her reception there.

C-Span has found a stayle that works and they do not ever veer away from it. And that style is Talking Heads. The first Ladies’ Series is remarkable in that it features accomplished women commentators who live as God intended – no botox, not face lifts, no hair extensions, in fact there is precious little hair fussing to be seen. The make up is minimal – pancake to keep down the facial shine, one shade of lipstick to suit all and a heavy hand with the eyeliner.

Host Susan Swain, author Betty Boyd Caroli and media figure Cokie Roberts. Click to see a gross misuse of Maybelline Brow & Eye Pencil.

I don’t mind the wrinkles so much. It’s quite refreshing, actually –  I am pretty sick of women of a certain age with faces  stretched shiny from regular injections and cartoonishly plumped lips. I get the whole thing about studio lighting but tut this eyeliner is killing me.

7 thoughts on “Ladies”

  1. Thanks for the heads up about the First Ladies series. I seldom watch TV so I never am up on what is on. I am a first lady junkie of sorts. I have a small collection of books, letters, etc. on our first ladies. I’ve set Tivo to record the shows. Thanks!

  2. P.S. – I’m all for aging gracefully but there is something rather hideous about the three above. Not sure what. Maybe it is the eyeliner. I wear eyeliner – I’ll have to use a lighter hand – lol.

  3. So…it seems that trampling on individual liberty and trashing political opponents has a side effect of making you look like a crone. They say after 40 you have the face you deserve.

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