I miss you and really want to hear from all of you. My Gmail inbox bings constantly but all of my mail – save for one blessed comment from Liz today – is targeted advertising and confirmation of on-line purchases. This is what I mean – the frequent communicators who want me to buy/use their stuff:

  • Handbags Handbag Heaven sends me something almost every day. I don’t want to filter these out because what if something really good comes along? Which it sometimes does. Other emailers of less frequency in this category are DSW and BagMadness.
  • Queen Sized Clothing Catalogs There are three vaguely related companies that email daily from each catalog with a hard-to-resist email-only discount coupon. My daughter describes the clothing in these catalogs as meant for people who never want to leave the house. Occasionally, I’ll get something from  Nordstroms or Marisota and then I feel good about myself again.
  • Overstock.com Daily missives about my last chance to save at sale prices, alternating with notices for extensions of the sale prices. A person might suddenly need an area rug so I allow these to come into my main mailbox.
  • Internet applications. Tumblr, Google Analytics, Foursquare, Twitter – they all want me to know what I’m missing. Not much, I think.
  • Replacements Ltd. I am stalking a certain china pattern from 1954 and I need these bulletins to let me know if anything has become available for sale. I am aged and have more dishes than any one household can use but the dream on this china this is what keeps me alive.
  • The Metropolitan Opera Once 4 or 5 years ago, I bought tickets to Madame Butterfly online and they have been after me ever since. I had to block their phone calls asking me to buy season subscriptions and they really aren’t too too much of a pain during the year but come Christmas season – look out!
  • Flyers from Christmas Tree Shops  I welcome these with open arms. If anything can take away the pain of no messages from actual  human beings, it’s this. If you don’t have a Christmas Tree Shop near you, I pity you. It’s a supermarket-sized store filled with things that nobody needs but everybody wants because they are so unbelievable cheap. Anybody want a Queen-sized air mattress for $39.99?
  • Politicians  Chris Christie must be exhausted from pushing the send button on all those emails. I get the occasional letter from the PA Governor or Senators, but that I think that’s because I once wrote to Arlen Specter to tell him off and I had to use my PA address to do it. I made sure to block out all  NJ-D pols, including  my congressman Frank Pallone , who is a well-known ferret with square hair, a little eye and a deep and abiding love for Nancy Pelosi.

Anyway. Readers,  I miss you all and would love to hear from you once in a while.


24 thoughts on “HI EVERYBODY!

  1. I’m here! I read all of your posts but usually I am at work when I do. I love your ramblings and decorating “debaucles” (ha!) You are just such a clever writer that I feel I can’t match your wonderful wit!!!

  2. I find that one of my email addresses is 95% stuff I delete immediately, but I am too busy (is that spelled “lazy”?) to just go in and get off the email list. As you say, what if something great comes along? I might miss it! Even though our budget — and that is really a joke word around here

    • This is exactly my case – one little unwanted mail comes in and i trash it and move along. My life would be better if I createde a filter so I never see them. A life at full retail price, but better overall.

  3. Hi! I’ve been at home recuperating, from a nice, patient-caused injury. The cat “LadyBird” has gone missing and left us with her son, Ricky. A friend will be visiting me tomorrow; she’s bringing broasted chicken and Elvis Monopoly.

      • There are pics of him at locations of concerts, shows (Ed Sullivan, etc.), album covers, service and the railroads are replaced by pics of rooms like jungle room, pool room. The houses are called tupelos and the hotels are mansions. She insisted on placing all fine$$ on the board for the person landing on free parking to win, which her teddy bear piece claimed almost every time around, My little Elvis jacket spent most of the game in jail.

  4. I read you every day, but I wouldn’t know how to email you. Besides, I rarely have much to say. I will say, I never get the interesting spam you do.

  5. I get the same Queen size clothing stuff, but I do like the elastic waist, boot cut pants. When you have skinny legs and a large trunk (whimsically called the Apple figure) there are very few other options. We’re not quite as harsh toward “fashion” faux pas in Wyoming as you Jersy girls.
    Other than that my email is a snooze fest like PatAZ.

  6. I’m here, just lurking. My email was fine until Debbie Stabinow found it. (My address contains a surname that is common in Michigan). Now my inbox is full of monetary demands from all sorts of dreadful nationally-recognized politicians. 😦

  7. What an interesting email inbox you have!

    I am in the same camp as Rebecca – my wit is just not as sharp as yours. I do love the glimpses of your bedroom furniture in your update posts – I am currently (unsuccessfully) looking for my own mid-century pieces to put in my 1940 era apartment. Yes, it makes no sense, I should be seeking art-deco, but I just can’t do that.

    Enough about me – you, Suzette, are one of my favorite reads. I have branched out and tried things I never thought I’d try – such as the gin/dubbonet drink – YUM. I have even begun a search for petite cocktail glasses – who knew?

      • I could have posted to let you know that my geranium leafs also turned “fall colors”. Two days later they died. Oh and my flowers this past season were the worst ever! And I am so over the red mulch color. Next yr I just may do black mulch to prove I am not racist.

      • Imagine my total surprise that I *could* actually purchase the Dubbonet without having to cross the state line into wrong Carolina!

  8. I’m here lurking all the time. I follow you on Bloglovin’ and wait anxiously for every new post because they are always (OK, usually) good for a smile or two.

    You don’t really WANT to get emails from your readers, do you?

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