First Snow

To me, there’s nothing more lovely than the first snow of the season. To be warm and cozy inside and watching those first gentle flakes fall is something I look forward to every year. It’s hard to get a good photo of my bedroom window view because when the uncovered window panes let in so much brightness, the iphone camera adjusts for that lighting level and then the interior looks dark.


Oh, did I mention that I bought a rose-covered arm chair that I found on Craigslist for $20? The original listing was for $50 and I contacted the seller then but I guess he didn’t know how to check his mail because the price dropped down to $35 then $20 and finally he wrote back to me to say he’d give it to me for free if I came to pick it up by the weekend.

When I went to see it, it was so perfect for how I envisioned the bedroom that I overlooked my longstanding ban on purchasing used upholstered furniture and went with it. I’m a firm believer – you might even say devotee – of reusing previously owned items but not so much a fan of bed bugs and carpet beetles. But I wanted this so I went with my lustful gut and ignored my own common sense. Whatever! So far, so good.  It felt wrong to take it for free so I gave the guy his last listed Craigslist price and everyone was happy.

The seller was about to get married and was blending furnished households with his fiance so he was in a rush to just get rid of stuff. (He should have just put everything he owned out at curbside because you know she will eventually rid of all of his stuff anyway. Word.) If I had the need, he would have given me some high class wrought iron bar stools and a beautiful barnwood plank and iron console table from Pottery Barn. This chair was from Domain  and its clean, shows no wear and still has the arm covers. I bought it to use as a reading chair in the bedroom because whenever I try to read in bed, I just conk out and keel over to the side.

The chair is big and smooshy and so comfortable that I’ll probably fall asleep in it faster than in bed so I don’t know that I advanced myself here. I brought up a green velvet cushion from the parlor sofa to try and keep myself more upright. Your book suggestions were so good that I’d like to stay awake long enough to actually read them.

Wasn’t this a great find?

8 thoughts on “First Snow”

  1. Every year first snow is accompanied by our dogs completely forgetting they ever saw it before and wondering what the heck happened to obscure their familiar smellscape.

  2. I wish Domain had not gone under. I have a bright yellow sofa with blue and white vases and salmon flowers that I bought there years ago. I decorated the living room around that sofa. It’s a beautiful chair, and sometimes you need to go with your gut.

  3. It’s a beautiful chair, but used upholstered furniture makes me think of the flea infestation I got from a set of v. pretty “vintage” chairs. And the cock-a-roaches my brother and his buddies got from a “free” sofa another college student gave them.

  4. Oh, Suzette – it’s wonderful! It reminds me of the floral cretonne slipcoverec chair that I learned to read in when I was a child – and read and read and read (GWTW in three days when I was 14). It was smooshy and big and I could change position – even sit sideways with legs over one arm.

    Hope it is bug-free and you love it forever…I would.

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