Hey You Guys

I’ve been busy but not too busy that I forgot to laugh at the Obamacare function issues. Lord knows there’s little enough to laugh about Obamacare itself – but that computer application! Har!

The thing that keeps me busy day and night is working in sync (once again: Har!) with a federal IT program that is mandatory for all businesses like the one I work for.

This is what I realize is the standard operating procedure for federal IT programs: 

  • They set up a complicated program
  • They create interdependencies by connecting it to way too many other programs on the back end that either depend on information gathered in the face program or the face program depends on  information stored in the back end programs
  • They continue to overdevelop it over the course of a  long, long time
  • They conduct a very short period of function testing with a small handful of testers
  • The testers  are not people who will eventually be using the program
  • They drop it on the users like a 15 ton bunker buster
  • They make use of the program mandatory by law
  • They just keep forging ahead despite function problems. Launched is launched and there’s no going back.
  • Revisions or improvements take years and are done in small steps

Sound familiar? This is why the principle parties are blinking in the spotlights now because people are outraged. The feds are confused and surprised and all like  what’s yer point?  because this is how it always goes.

The big issue right now is at step 1:  the Obamacare program freezes on the registration screens. People, this is not even the tip of the iceberg. Wait until the program actually starts “working”.  Then you can all laugh along with me.

Not sure how long I will feel comfortable leaving this post up. It may disappear at any time so read it and laugh while you can.


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