These Are The Times Of Our Lives

Dear Sami,

Remember that time we went to California and bought 100 8″ Mediterranean Meat Pies from an Albanian bakery in Van Nuys and froze them so we could carry them back to New Jersey in our suitcase? Good times!

Love, Suzette

lahkmah bajeen

Picture this (x)50 (-)the yogurt (+)checked luggage.


6 thoughts on “These Are The Times Of Our Lives

    • No! We had it down.

      We put paper plates between each layer, divided them into bundles of 25, and gave them a few days to get good and frozen. Then we double wrapped each bundle in plastic bags, then double wrapped those bundles again.

      They were only semi defrosted by the time we got them to our NJ home, due mostly to the cold cargo compartment the suitcase rode in.

      In truth, we only brought 75 home with us. We left 25 behind for our son.

    • Also, the TSA left them alone. I like to think that my wrap job was too much of a challenge for them. My skill has been honed over decades of secure present wrapping. All of my gift packages have a tag that says DO NOT OPEN TIL CHRISTMAS AND EVEN THEN YOU ARE GOING TO NEED SCISSORS A BOX CUTTER AND AN ASSISTANT

  1. I always buy fresh Lithuanian and Polish sausage when I visit Chicago and freeze my purchase at one of my relatives’s homes. So far the TSA sniffer dogs have not discovered it!

  2. Suzette, those look and sound like lahmajoun (Armenian pizza). Are you sure that wasn’t an Armenian bakery? That is where we find them all over the greater L.A. area.

    I didn’t know there was an Albanian bakery here – or what they’d bake.



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