Happy Xmasaurus

It’s birthday season around here. I thought this would make a nice gift for my daughter and I was right – she loved it. It doesn’t make noise but Sami was using the food processor while I filmed this. My timing was off though so you will have to imagine the roaring.

This is not as weird as it might seem upon first viewing. We saw this on someone’s lawn one time when we were driving around looking at decorations and she, dinosaur fan that she is, was quite taken with it. I’ve been looking for it ever since and finally found it 3 weeks ago. We wrapped it in black garbage bags.

If ever a person loved where she lives, it’s her. Unfortunately, it is not here in my house. It’s in Philadelphia.  so there was also a print of Rittenhouse Square, which she has been known to frequent.


You can see this print much more clearly in the seller’s shop on Etsy (Shoot me. Never mind. I’ll shoot myself.) but I was so happy with the framing that I wanted to show the final product.

Here’s some random Instagrams of that location. I think it’s a pretty good capture of the feel of the place.


random photos from Instagram

I had my own mat with me when I went to Michael’s for a frame so I walked over to the framing counter and asked the gent there how much he would charge to put it all together for me. He didn’t answer – he just did it for no charge. And the frames were BOGO so I made out pretty good when I thought I’d be taking a bath on it and she seemed to like this gift, too.

Does all of America know what a Black & White cookie is?  Or will I thrill just the northeast when I tell you that her birthday cake was a  giant B & W from the Dixie Lee?

photo (11)

This cake is not a cookie – it’s a cake. In fact, the cookies aren’t cookies – they’re cake, too.

So happy birthday, little girl. It was a lovely time and I’m glad we all go to enjoy it together. The next two birthdays that are coming up are for the I Don’t Want Anything I Don’t Need Anything Don’t Get Me Anything type of people.


3 thoughts on “Happy Xmasaurus

  1. Happy Birthday to your little girl! Those are very thoughtful gifts!

    I worried for half a mo that you were trapped on the road whilst Hill made her comeback, but you were having birthday fun and that’s so much better.

  2. The “don’t get me anything” people drive me crazy. Because some of the ones I know add in the little unspoken smug fillip of “…and I’m a better person than you because you want stuff.” Hell, yes, I want something to mark my birthday, even if it’s just a card!

  3. T ReXmasaurus is genius. My daughter who ran around roaring with her hands in the shape of tiny arms with claws for several years would approve.

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