A Pretty Picture

Here is a pretty picture from the bedroom makeover project. For those of you who can get from paint in the cans/linens in the bags to 90% done in a week or so, know that we don’t work that way around here. We’re more like My Year In Provence speed. If you remember, the den from start to finish, if you can call it an actual “finish” and not just a “work stoppage” – took about 8 months. Anyway, here is a pretty picture:

le fleur

One of my greatest flea market finds ever – a 9″ marigold glass vase in the Diamond Point pattern made by the Jeannette glass company. It’s a very iridescent gold without being rainbow-y. Even though the going market value for this is only about $15, it is my beloved.

I show you this pretty picture to counterbalance what I have to tell you next. The replacement door arrived this week! It’s a 7 week production time but they told us they would expedite it. It ended up taking 6 weeks instead of 7, so I guess that is considered expedited and I’m not complaining about that.

I am complaining about the door itself though. We refused delivery because it was covered with blemishes where paint bubbles had popped during the heated drying process and all of the sunken screw/nails holes were painted without being filled to surface level. This, by the way, is not a cheap door. In fact, it’s quite an expensive door, costing much more than I ever believed I’d #1 have and #2 spend.

The contractor had to rush off to Brazil because of some serious family concerns so he arranged for Sami to go to the warehouse to discuss the blemished door.  And so he did. Sami is mellowing in his old age and managed to get this point across without making a scene. Nevertheless, after a tour of all the other doors in the warehouse and his inability to convince Sami that this is the standard production quality, the manager agreed to a replacement replacement door after informing the manufacturer that we were “fussy customers”.

We are indeed fussy customers. Pick a price point for what you’d spend on a fancy new door with full side lights, installed.  Be generous – aim for the high end. Then double that amount. Now ask yourself if you are fussy enough to refuse a pitted door.

So they said it would be ready in 3-4 weeks. Which brings us right up around Thanksgiving.


5 thoughts on “A Pretty Picture

  1. My wife and mom are both addicted to all those HGTV shows about renovations. This sort of thing never happens on those shows and I try to convince them that they are watching works of fiction.

    • I was crushed when I found out House Hunters is fake. That is, the couple have already bought one of the houses, but they look at 3 anyhow, then make a fake decision.

      I like the new series on revisiting some of these families years later to see what they’ve done ! I remember some of them and thinking “they’re still together ?” 😉

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