Hasn’t Wayne Newton Been Though Enough?

 Wayne Newton’s Yacht Sinks

uh oh

danke schoen for nothing

This photo of Wayne Newton’s yacht going tits up  was released by the National Park Service.

Remember when Wayne was being extorted by the Las Vegas mob and they threatened to kidnap his daughter?  Wayne had the guts to publicly testify against two mobsters. then something happened with a Vegas hotel deal that ended with Newton suing some mob-related characters. Wayne Newton has guts. Wayne Newton doesn’t’ back down. Wayne Newton took on the mob and won, although no one will ever know what went on behind the scenes.

So Wayne Newton has a history for standing up for what he believes and is not afraid of running up against powerful autonomous organizations.  And now, out of the blue, his yacht sinks and the Park Service Reports it and issues a photo.

Not saying there’s any kind of conspiracy or retribution going on but Wayne Newton’s yacht sank (thank goodness he doesn’t have horses anymore) and the Park Service is acting like somebody’s mouthpiece.



2 thoughts on “Hasn’t Wayne Newton Been Though Enough?

  1. We first saw the young Wayne Newton on Ed Sullivan’s show back in the dark ages. My dear Father took one look and called him a …gay slur. Turned out he wasn’t gay, but he isn’t something or ??

  2. And the fact that we completely believe this is possible if not probable tells us a lot about the state of the union. Does anyone know if Newton made a statement about the shutdown?

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