In Which I Am A Joke

Tyler Perry has a new comedy series now on the Oprah Network called Love Thy Neighbor. The main character is a cranky old Medea-like grandma whose home is decorated in an Everything Roses theme, just like my bedroom. Clashing rose wallpapers, silk roses in a vase, throw pillows, trinket dishes and check out that lamp.


Look even the same lace doily.

And so I am a joke. Well, too late now. In for a penny; in for a pound. Maybe I should start looking around for a needlepoint seat cover.

This is the best time, isn’t it? When the air has a little chill but before you have to turn the heat on. I wish I could help my California daughter in law appreciate it. I think she sees autumn as only a warning that cold winter is coming, instead of a season of it’s own. Weather like this calls for a return to hot tea in the evening and the pleasure of flannel sheets at night.

I forgot that the flannel sheets I have for this bed are covered with roses. Cue the laugh track, Tyler.


Wait until I hang the two big Redoute rose pictures over the bed.




6 thoughts on “In Which I Am A Joke

  1. After I clicked to the previous lampshade picture, I am now constantly bombarded with ads everywhere for that shade. The internet is always keeping track. Did you order that shade?

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