I just read some tabloid-style headline about 91-year-old Doris Day and how she’s surrounded by hangers on. In the article it mentions her only (deceased) son and displays a picture of him. I am very disappointed to learn that he was not the cop on Adam 12. Disappointed in myself. As I now can see quite clearly, Terry Melcher and Martin Milner are not the same person. I was confused by the pale hair and the potential for freckles.

Speaking of freckles, I’m convinced that the reason it’s so difficult to find a photo of Doris’ vaccination scar is is because of her freckles. Her studio shots are definitely touched up to eliminate freckles, scars and veiny hands – everything that isn’t smooth and creamy in other words.

It’s very very subtle but it’s there. I consider this a triumph of the same magnitude as when I was able to track down a full shot of Jackie O’s enormous feet which the Kennedy money has attempted to scrub from photographic archives. Anyway. Click to enlarge.

Not quite so creamy now, are we Dodo?

2 thoughts on “Freckled”

  1. Her son was Terry Melcher, who, in addition to recording hit records on his own with Bruce Johnson (later of The Beach Boys), also produced seminal records for The Byrds and other West Coast surf and pop bands.

    He met Charles Manson through Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys and toyed with the idea of recording him but in the end changed his mind. At the time he and his live-in, Candice Bergen, lived in a house that Manson visited.

    He and Bergen moved out (a wise move) and the owner rented it to Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate. Manson returned there with a vengeance and the rest is crime history. Speculation is he came back to murder Melcher for rejecting his music and ended up offing whoever was home at the time.

    Between him and his mom they sold a lot of records.

  2. I have a huge vaccination scar that’s 41 years old and still HUGE! When I got the shot, my mom said I was screaming and the nurse just jabbed it in as far as she could. My scar was always HUGE compared to my friends. I now consider it a beauty mark, but I would like to find that nurse bitch in a nursing home and VACCINATE her!

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