On A Clear And Breezy Autumn Day

I just used actual brand name Windex to clean my bedroom windows.

#1 They are sparkling clean!

#2 They smell fabulous!

The label says “Original Formula” and I am quite sure that I have never smelled this smell before. Have I never been exposed to genuine Windex in my entire life? OR have I lived so long without it that I have lost the olfactory connection?

I also used a fresh clump of paper towels on each surface instead of trying to squeeze another half-window out of each clump. This is hard for me – to use paper towels with abandon. I don’t mind using 20 paper napkins at one sitting, or using 5 out of the 20 and then throwing 15 away, but paper towels are not anything to be squandered.

Recap: On a clear and breezy autumn day in 2013, I liberally used many, many paper towels with brand name genuine Windex. And I liked it. This is what I’m going to miss the most after Obama evaporates the American middle class.

But at least I had this moment.


4 thoughts on “On A Clear And Breezy Autumn Day

  1. Even better than paper towels are “Rags”–a paper product packaged in a big red box available near the paint departments at Home Depot & Lowes. When we had new windows installed I noticed the pros using them and asked why. They said Rags never leave streaks the way paper towels do.

    I happily pass along this tip 🙂

  2. Our daughter is now out of college and we have a bit more cash to spread around, but I am still buying generic store brand products (with the exception of Skippy Peanut Butter). It is a hard habit to break.

    BTW, I intend to evaporate before my demographic niche.

    • There is something so satisfying to see a bottle of “Heinz” catsup on the table instead of the “great value catsup”. If I can afford to, I will buy the original anything because it tastes better or lasts longer or works better than any generic crappola made in China or Myannmar or where-ever.
      Life is short, and getting shorter by the day.

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