It’s Been A Quiet Week At Lake CripesSuzette

I haven’t been sleeping well* but I am never at a loss to fill those early morning hours. Previously, I would read, wash the kitchen floor or hem curtains. Now, I’m baking.

Sami is that marvelous type of individual who eats to live . when he first became diabetic, he’d stay up late at night trying to come up with the perfect recipe for sugar-free low carb cakes and cookies. In the morning, I’d come downstairs to find evidence of this activity. There’s no telling what he was trying to make because no matter what he was trying to make, it al looked the same the morning after: flat,shapeless and backened.

Over the years, he developed an eating strategy – and wait until you get a load of this: he eats moderate amounts of food at one time, and avoids anything called low fat, low sugar, low carb. He does use an artificial sweetener in his coffee but that’s it. If  he wants a baked good, he’ll pick a regular-recipe baked item, just one that is not obviously embellished with icing, sugar sprinkles, etc.

And so I bake things for him that fit this description:I make mini-apple pies with no sugar at all, just the sweetness from the apples and I tinker with biscotti recipes until I get to the point of minimal sugar. The canister of biscotti has slightly less than a half cup of sugar for 48 biscuits plus a few random craisins which we could easily do without. He doesn’t eat between meals and he is not the sort to pickup a biscuit or a pie just because they’e there in front of him. I know, right?


It’s a system that works for him. His bloodwork is better than ever, probably better than mine. I get the satisfaction of faux homemaking when the whim strikes me and he gets baked goods. I have created a bit of a monster, though as he does not like see the biscotti canister empty. But the poor guy has shingles now so I don’t mind spending my wee small hours small-batch baking for him.

I know this isn’t very interesting except for the exciting glimpse of my tablecloth  but that’s how things are right now.

*Probably because my bedroom furniture is under plastic during the Big Paint Job of ’13 and I have to sleep on the couch. My bragging about a two-day turn for this job went blooey when the painter did the ceiling and walls and then took off for Canada for 4 days.

1 thought on “It’s Been A Quiet Week At Lake CripesSuzette”

  1. As the wife of a diabetic you have my sympathy and my amazement at your dedication. Biscotti has defeated my meager skills (and my patience) and pie crust is beyond them as well.

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